Knight of Cups

knight of cupsElement: Water
Timing: Oct 13 – Nov 22
Numerical value: 12
Card Counting Value: 4
As People:
An idealist and a dreamer; romantic and sensitive; a spiritual seeker or counsellor; sympathetic and compassionate; an artist; imaginative with big ideas.
As Events:
Romance or a relationship; a proposal of marriage or engagement; embarking on a spiritual or mystical retreat; a date or invitation; lucid dreaming and astral travel; going on a relaxation holiday.
As Inner Processes:
Listening to and acting on your inner voice; following your heart; being in tune with your inner desires; self acceptance; calming and centering yourself; finding your path in life.

The Knight of Cups as a Daily Tarot Card

Learning to love yourself is not easy, not the kind the spiritual teachers talk about. They’re not talking about being in love with your image, or talking about how your ego wants you to love it through you. They’re talking about a love for the self on such a deep and pure level that most of us don’t understand the concept let alone achieve it.
Have no fear though, the Knight of Cups is here, and he can help you to a place of self-love.
You may be wondering how on earth a tarot card can help you do that, but that’s the power and beauty of tarot.
The message of growth from the Knight of Cups from gorgeous and highly spiritual, Tarot Roots of Asia is:

association with good and wise people, to listen to the sacred teachings, develop the ability for critical reflection, and bring what has been learned to the beneficial use of others.

It’s divinatory key is: Learning to love all of yourself
You can begin your journey to self-love by liking yourself first, and if you find that tough too, then know this:
You are awesome! You, with all your gifts and talents, faults and bad habits, are the most wonderful thing in the whole world and I give you permission to like yourself, just a little bit, for today. Remind yourself of one good trait you have and smile. Breathe deep and say, “hey Missy, I really like you.” Then do the same tomorrow.
Take one day at a time and don’t rush. You can do that when you have an epiphany. In the meantime, let the Knight of Cups bring love into your life.
And read some Osho too.

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