8 of Pentacles

8 of Pentacles from the Aquatic TarotElement: Earth
Timing: Aug 23 – Sept 1. Sun in Virgo
Numerology: 8 – Manifestation, practicality, skill, absolute decisions, business, the ego.
Card Counting Value: 8
Keywords – Being cautious; foresight; discretion; taking calculated risks; careful with money; learning; education; taking a balanced approach; improving your skills; studiousness.
Reversed: wasting resources; a poor effort; cheating; leaving education prematurely.

Virgo Through the Eyes of Tarot

Explore the Hermit and related cards associated with Virgo. Cards shown here are from the Nigel Jackson Tarot

A detailed and thoughtful exploration of Virgo as represented through tarot including topics such as numerology and astrology, ancient history, mysticism and alchemy. See how the 8 of Pentacles relates to Virgo and it’s partner cards directly associated with this zodiac sign and see how you can relate them to yourself and your life in a more meaningful way.

The Eight of Pentacles as a Daily Tarot Card

What a busy day lay ahead.
This is work of the systematic kind, doing what needs to be done and getting on with it. The 8 of Pentacles offers no play time.
Apart from the skill level required to do the job, there is also an ease with which you can accomplish it. There is a familiarity to the work and the day, a routine by which you can set your clock.
This could very well be a day for baking cakes, or planting vegetables – whatever requires uniformed regularity.
And yet there’s another side to the 8 of Pentacles from the Tarot of the New Vision, and that is the other guy in the card, the one we don’t normally see.
He offers us the chance to do something different with our day, to change it up a little. To try something different – to get out of our comfort zones and be creative in our work. He also gives us the chance of a break.
Those of you with visions of Freddie Mercury in a short skirt and pink lipstick singing, “I want to break free..” will know exactly what I’m getting at. The monotony of the everyday. Day in, day out – same old, same old.
Here’s your chance to break the mold and do something different. You still have to do some work, but you get permission from this 8 of Pentacles to do it a little differently.
Here are some of your choices:

  1. Delegate some of your workload
  2. Put your pen down, and get your paintbrushes out.

So, the question is, what will you do differently in your work today?

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