2 of Swords

Two of SwordsElement: Air
Timing: Sept 23 to Oct 2. Moon in Libra
Numerology: 2 – Duality, togetherness, a settling of the energy, union, love, balance.
Card Counting Value: 2 – card value
Yes/No Question: Maybe
Keywords – Balance and harmony; inner peace; calmness; agreement; compromise; meditation; consciousness; right thinking; deciding on a choice; applying logic; calm amid instability; mental stability; serenity; peace.
Reversed: becoming unbalanced; discord; disagreements; mental blockages; a wrong decision; peace shattered; emotions winning over logic; feeling confused about a situation; lack of clarity.
As People: Mediators; meditators; healers; decision makers; managers; magistrates; shaman.

The Two of Swords as a Daily Tarot Card

The keyword for the 2 of Swords from the Sun and Moon Tarot is peace. To me this card always speaks of centering, through meditation, quiet reflection any other means. A singing bowl is good for this also.

2 of Swords from the Sun and Moon Tarot
2 of Swords from the Sun and Moon Tarot

There is a close relationship between this card and the Hermit, the difference being the motive.
The Hermit is a mature Fool, a seeker of his own soul. He seeks solitude and the quiet so he can do that.
The 2 of Swords seeks calm, peace, tranquility. The Golden Dawn called this card Peace Restored, which by its very nature suggests that there was conflict of some kind.
If you’ve been caught up in conflict and dissension, know that from today, through your own will to see it, there will be an end to conflict.
If you’ve been feeling unsettled in your life, peace, calm and tranquility can be yours.
All you need to do is bring it toward you through centering and meditation. Your will has a role to play here – you have to want a thing to achieve it. Don’t confuse this with willpower, there is nothing to fight against within yourself. On the contrary, you will be aligning with your will by doing this.
So sit nice and quiet and do nothing if that will work for you and allow serenity to wash over you. Do your favourite guided meditation if you prefer, or sit with your singing bowl and allow your soul to do its own dance. The resulting effect will stay with you all day and help you to reassess and realign what you thought was important.
Centering, not the same as anchoring or grounding, but perhaps more important as it opens the door to so many possibilities within yourself.
Take some time out today to bring your core back to center so you may experience the fullness of the day

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