Deck Review: Aquatic Tarot

…a brief visual review.

Aquatic Tarot Header

Visual Reviews are designed to help you find out about a tarot deck without the verbage. The emphasis is on seeing a selection of the cards with the minimum amount of written words to plow through, allowing you to form an opinion on the deck without having to read mine.

Introducing the Aquatic Tarot – the deck you can’t buy but should be using, if you’re a blogger.

Let me explain. The Aquatic Tarot is a digital deck, meaning it’s not available to buy in printed form as a pack of cards – the images are available only online. It was created by German artist, Andreas Schröter, and is free to use and download.


aquatic aquatic aquatic aquatic

Minor Arcana
aquatic aquatic aquatic aquatic aquatic aquatic aquatic aquatic

Major Arcana

aquatic aquatic aquatic aquatic

Court Cards

aquatic aquatic aquatic aquatic

It carries the Creative Commons ShareAlike Licence (see below) and the only real stipulation is that you display it when you use the deck. It’s a non-commercial licence which is perfect for not-for-profit blogs and sites who don’t want to fall foul of greedy and overbearing publishing houses. But don’t get me started on that…

The Aquatic Tarot is a watercolour rendition of the Rider Waite-Smith tarot and remains true to the drawings, with the only adjustments being the addition and blending of colour not seen on the early ‘Pamela A’ deck. This shouldn’t be a problem for the purposes of exploration and display in posts and articles. Important details, if you like studying details, are maintained; for example, the clouds in the Sword court family are a match to the originals.

Be sure to check out the rest of the deck and download a copy from Andreas’ website (below).


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Author: Catherine

I use tarot to help me navigate life and understand myself better. As well as tarot, I enjoy using aromatherapy & herbalism to improve my health & well being. My spiritual seeking lay with Gaia, the environment & what my senses engage around me.

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