7 of Pentacles

7 of Pentacles from the Aquatic TarotElement: Earth
Timing: May 11 – May 20. Saturn in Taurus
Numerology: 7 – Regaining or losing control, mastery, choices, responsibility, myth, secrets.
Card Counting Value: 7
Keywords – Delays in payouts; long term returns; slow but steady growth; having to wait for reward or renumeration; not working as hard as you could; working through a dry spell.
In the Thoth Tarot by Aleister Crowley, he calls this card Failure, which signals a more definite end to the waiting and one that promises to be fruitless.
Reversed: failure in business; blockages in production; fruitlessness; inertia; poor investments.

The Seven of Pentacles as a Daily Tarot Card

The 7 of Pentacles carries with it a multitude of definitions, one of them being a lack of effort, or Unstable Effort, as the Golden Dawn named the card. They suggested this card talked of putting in a poor effort, of knowing what needs doing and just not doing it. Failing through your own efforts, or lack there of.
On the plus side, the presence of the 7 of Pentacles today suggests that you will at least make some efforts towards success, or at the very least, work towards your goals. It’s a good job this card is only for the day as it can’t do much damage.
The other side to this card is putting an awesome effort in and not seeing the results you expected. You bail on your project only to discover (or not) that you were so close to turning the corner toward success… the correlations continue.
However, there is a wonderfully rewarding side to this card also, if you’re a positive kind of person, and that is that success will be yours. Yes, it means it takes a long time. Yes it may hurt in the meantime, but the question on your lips should be – is this worth the wait? If you believe it is, then perseverance is your ally and the best tool in your kit bag.
As my Dad always says, if you give up now, you will definitely fail. If you hang in there, you’re still in with a shout.

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