What Does the Hermit Card Mean?

introspection ~ withdrawing ~ self-exploration

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Tarot Card Meanings for the Hermit

Keywords for the Hermit
Introspection, contemplation, wanting or finding solitude, private self-reflection, seeking enlightenment & spiritual experiences, meditation, being discreet, privacy, home study, withdrawing from society, patience, self-exploration, therapy/counseling, self-help.
The Hermit Reversed
Withdrawing from loved ones, turning your back on someone, being isolated, feeling out in the cold, self-absorption, a social misfit, loneliness, exile, being silenced, sadness.
The Hermit as People
Hermits, spiritual seekers, mountain climbers, extreme sportsmen, cave/pothole explorers, archaeologists, historians, philosophers, shaman, witch doctors, natural healers.

Correspondences for the Hermit

Key 9
Element Earth
Hebrew Letter י – Yod
Astrology Virgo
Aug 22 – Sept 23
Numerology 9
Related to 18, the Moon
Count 12
Yes/No Maybe


The Hermit as a Daily Tarot Oracle Card

Oracle Message: All the answers you seek are within you.*


You will find yourself questioning everything today. What am I doing? Is this the right path? Where should I go from here? The Hermit is card of spiritual enlightenment, the search and achievement of it. In our mundane lives, he asks us to stop for a moment and take stock and ask those far reaching questions. The ones we don’t always want to ask because we don’t always like the answer. Often they are thing things we don’t want to face or face up to.

The Hermit’s lantern is our friend in our own darkness. Not only does it light up the dark corners we’d rather not look in, it also shines the light so we can find our way back again. He provides the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and asks us not to be afraid. Even in the dark, the Hermit is with us to guide us. We are never alone.

Spiritually speaking, the Hermit indicates an attainment of spiritual liberation if not enlightenment itself. If you’re feeling stuck on your spiritual journey, ask the Hermit to shine his light for you so you may see the way clearly. If you feel lost in anyway, meditate with this card so you may find your way again

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law


Simple Truths are Found in the Hermit

*Quotes like this are often attributed to Rumi, the Sufi mystic, the Buddha, the Hindu Atman and many other spiritual teachers. They all follow the same theme, summed up by the spiritual element of the Hermit.

To understand life, people, events and situations, no matter who or how many are involved, always requires us to look within for the answers to the questions we ask. To not ask about our own part, even when we feel like the victim, is to only do half the work. Don’t look for blame or what you did wrong per se, look for what you could have done differently, to have obtained a better outcome or to feel better about your part in what happened.

The Hermit is a very deep card, it asks us to enter the Moon’s landscape but if we are brave, we exit into the Sun. To explore this more, see my post, Virgo Through the Eyes of Tarot.

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