King of Pentacles

king of pentaclesElement: Earth

Numerical Value: 14

Card Counting Value: 4

Timing: Aug 12 – Sept 11


As a Person
Hardworking and capable; physically strong and not afraid to get his hands dirty; will just as likely to be digging foundations as he is managing the crew; self-sufficient and excellent with finances; likes prosperity and abundance; is generous but not frivilous with money; enjoys the spoils of war and the fruits of his labours.

As an Event in Your Life
Landing a long term contract; investing in a business, or investiment coming into your business; sales or purchases of property and/or land; meeting with a financial consultant; taking an active interest in conservation and eco issues; moving into the building stages of a plan or project; team building and/or building a team; leading from the ranks.

As an Inner Process
Committing yourself to your goals; living with a greater sense of purpose; personal growth and development through actions and deed; developing or improving benevolence; exploring inner resources and abilities; pursuing self-sufficiency and self-reliance; learning to relax and enjoy your abundance.

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