The Fool

new beginnings ~ spontaneity ~ a leap of faith

Shadowscapes Tarot the Fool card

Tarot Card Meanings for the Fool Card

Keywords for the Fool Card
New beginnings, spontaneity, adventure, innocence, potential, faith, fearlessness, a leap of faith, originality, freedom from constraints, purity of action, acting without malice, being in the present, acting without thinking, eccentricity, silliness, seeking freedom.
The Fool Reversed
Folly, stupidity, not thinking through plans properly, chaos, lack of direction, poor judgement, being gullible, naivety, playing it safe, blocks, restrictions, lacking adventure.
The Fool as People
Performing artists, comedians, travelers, wanderers, extreme sport lovers, bungee jumpers, parachutists, daredevils and pleasure seekers, unconventional & unorthodox types.

Correspondences for the Fool

Timing is spontaneous
Contains all numbers therefore all the Major Arcana

Timing Events with the Fool

As shown in my Major Arcana Correspondence chart, the Fool has no specific timing associated with it. This is common for the cards that have planetary associations and not zodiacal ones.

We look to the nature of the card for a clue regarding timing events with planetary and elemental tarot cards.

The Fool is unaware, carefree and spontaneous, and this is how we can interpret timing events with the Fool. Things happen when they do, often without warning but usually with some swiftness to them. There is no planning with the Fool and so when a step has been taken, the move is on.

The Fool is associated to the element of Air, and under the Golden Dawn system, it is what they call primordial air. This simply means air as it existed before time and form, so it is ancient and pure, uncorrupted or affected by any events in the aeons that followed. This adds to the spontaneity of the Fool but also adds an amount of unpredictability.

Again, things happen according to primordial time, not time we can even comprehend. If the Fool presents as an outcome card, or card that indicates things are on the move, then the timing can happen now, tomorrow or next week. Who can really say?

As the Fool is numbered 0, timing is difficult. As zero contains all all the other numbers, any one of them, as a date or starting point, can be relevant.

The advice with timing events and the Fool is to expect the unexpected and know that you have no control whatsoever over the when.

The Fool as a Daily Tarot Card

It’s a fresh start for many of you today as the Fool ushers in a new sense of self.

Sometimes we need to put an old issue to bed. Sometimes we need to move on. And sometimes we need to Just Do It.

Many cards in tarot relate to a time period. The Fool represents no time. He is timeless.

What does this mean for you? It means you always get a shot at life. And another one. And another one. And another one…

So what have you put off doing that you really, really wanted to? For whatever reason, fear, money, lack of confidence. Today is like a free ticket on the Life Express.

There’s an opening today, all day, that lets you jump on board and do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Now is your time.

Will you Just Do It?

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