What Does the Wheel of Fortune Card Mean?

cycles ~ opportunities ~ success

Lo Scarabeo Tarot

Tarot Card Meanings for the Wheel of Fortune

Luck, chance, opportunity, changes, a turning point, movement, winning, the cycle of life, ups and downs, fate, destiny, a chance meeting that can change your life, what goes around comes around, winning at a game of chance, a definite yes, good times, success.
A stroke of bad luck, misfortune, mishaps, failure, things not going your way, entering a period of hardship or difficulty, disappointments, unforeseen or unexpected setbacks, a definite no, bad times.
As People
The lucky, winners, gamblers, professional card players, casino attendees/staff, stoke brokers, city dwellers, shift workers, temp agency staff, treasure hunters, pawnbrokers.

Wheel of Fortune Correspondences

Hebrew Letterכ – Qof
Any time & without notice
Related toThe Magician #1 / 1+0=10
The Sun #19 / 1+9=10 / 1+0=1
Count9 – planetary trump

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