Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of FortuneKey: 10

Element: Fire

Astrology: Jupiter

Numerologically related to: 1 and 19, the Magician and the Sun

Keywords: Luck, chance, opportunity, changes, a turning point, movement, winning, the cycle of life, ups and downs, fate, destiny, a chance meeting that can change your life, what goes around comes around, winning at a game of chance, a definite yes.

Reversed: a stroke of bad luck, misfortune, mishaps, failure, things not going your way, entering a period of hardship or difficulty, disappointments, unforeseen or unexpected setbacks, a definite no.

The Wheel of Fortune as a Daily Tarot Card

What goes up must come down, and what goes out, must come around.

And so goes the Wheel and the cycle of life.

Through good times and bad, we experience life in a continual cycle of change. The nature of this card indicates destiny and also chance.

Whether you see this card and it’s experience as the work of the gods, or whether you see it as Lady Luck, you will experience it nonetheless.

Expect the unexpected.

Your best results will come from your positive and pro-active responses and reactions to the Wheel and what it brings, even if that doesn’t look great at first look. Life is what you make it.

Roll with the punches, seize the day, ride on the crest of a wave.

Lady luck may visit your door today – what you make of her gift is up to you.

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