What Does the Moon Card Mean?

illusion ~ deception ~ dreams

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Tarot Card Meanings for the Moon Card

Keywords for the Moon Card
Dreams but also nightmares, illusion, hidden things – particularly enemies, insecurity, mystery, falsehoods, visions, mental confusion, a dark night of the soul, a difficult period, lacking clarity, deception, secrets, increased psychic ability and experiences.
The Moon Card Reversed
Secrets being revealed, what was hidden is now becoming visible, deceptions are seen, mysteries unveiled, unusual dreams, psychic insights you may not understand, insomnia or unusual sleeping patterns, irrational thoughts/behaviours.
The Moon Card as People
Undercover agents, detectives, private investigators, mystery shoppers, actors, illusionists, mediums, psychics, travelers, spiritual seekers, shaman, refuge staff, veterinarians.

The Moon Card Correspondences

Hebrew Letterק – Kuf
Feb 21 – Mar 20
Related toThe Hermit 18/1+8=9
Count12 – zodiac trump

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