The Devil

bondage ~ temptation~ slave to the wage

Tarot Card Meanings for the Devil Card

Keywordsfor the Devil
Bondage, temptation, enslavement, addictions to sex/drugs/drink/money, fear & doubt, materialism, lies, violence, unhealthy relationships, sexual deviancy/gratification, obsessions, hard work/over worked, tied to the job, feeling trapped & without options.
The Devil Reversed
Breaking free from unhealthy relationships & addictions, divorce, a relationship that becomes less sexual, not submitting to temptation, freedom from restraints, starting a new life.
The Devil as People
A very unreasonable & demanding boss/supervisor, prison guards, interrogators, traffickers, smugglers, hijackers, house thieves, tyrants, employer of illegal immigrants.

Death Card Correspondences

Hebrew Letterע – Ayin
Dec 21 – Jan 20
Related toThe Lovers* 15/1+5=6
Count12 – zodiac trump

* See this interesting guest article by Barbara Moore that compares the Lovers and the Devil in greater detail.

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