What Does the Justice Card Mean?

truth ~ karma ~ accountability

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Tarot Card Meanings for the Justice Card

Justice, karma, balance and equilibrium, truth, fairness, responsibility, accountability, integrity, dignity, agreements, legal affairs, a court case or tribunal, consulting a lawyer, checking legal documents, seeking fairness through clarity, trial outcomes, justice system.
Miscarriage of justice, injustice and/or unfair treatment, losing your case, an adjournment, being discredited, an imbalance, lies & hypocrisy, being out-maneuvered, not being able to speak your truth, legal flaws, making or receiving the wrong decision, bias, jail.
As People
Judges, lawyers, legal workers, prison service staff, mediators, adjudicators,decision makers, loss adjusters, insurance staff, legal activists, peace activists.

Justice Card Correspondences

Hebrew Letterל – Lamed
Sept 23 – Oct 22
Related toHigh Priestess #2 – 11/1+1=2
Count12 – zodiac trump

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