What Does the Hierophant Mean?

spiritual teacher ~ education ~ religion

Lo Scarabeo Tarot

Tarot Card Meanings for the Hierophant

Group identity, large institutions, education, teaching, learning, tradition, orthodoxy, the status quo, religion, a guru or teacher, spiritual guidance, occult or mystical groups, divine laws, seeking counsel and advice, church, spiritual retreat, brotherhood.
cults, false gods/gurus, abuse of position and/or power, extremism, the closing of schools, hospitals & social services, withdrawal of education services, rejection of religion, breakdown of crisis talks.
As people
Priests, vicars, ministers, monks, mentors, social workers, teachers, educators, guardians, youth workers, theologians, religious students, evangelists, community leaders.

Correspondences for the Hierophant

Hebrew Letterו – Vau
Apr 20 – May 20
Related toTemperance 14/1+4=5
Count12 – Zodiacal Trump

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