What Does the Temperance Card Mean?

balance ~ synthesis ~ moderation

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Tarot Card Meanings for the Temperance Card

Keywords for Temperance
Harmony, balance, synthesis, moderation, blending, synergy, alchemy, being temperate, blending opposites, angel communication, connecting with your guides, merging, looking for divine intervention; beginning self-help/therapy, self-acceptance.
Temperance Reversed
Imbalance, the onset of illness, tempers flaring, lack of patience between people, angry outbursts, feeling that god/the angels/your spirit guides have forsaken you, always giving & not receiving.
Temperance as People
Mediators, therapists, counselors, negotiators, mediums, healers, alternative therapists, mentors, youth workers, social workers, spiritual leaders, chefs, cooks, alchemists.
Key 14
Element Fire
Hebrew Letter ס Samech
Astrology Saggitarius
Nov 21 – Dec 20
Related to The Hierophant 14/1+4=5
Count 12 – zodiac trump
Yes/No Yes


Temperance as a Daily Tarot Oracle Card

Oracle Message: Seek balance & enforce calm.


This is a day for balance – seeking it, applying it and making it the focus of your day. Things may get a little heated in certain situations and parts of your life. Temperance urges you to step back, count to 10 and respond thoughtfully. This is not a day for losing control nor is it wise to.

Your energy is likely to be high today, hence the need for temperance. You may get a lot done but you may also exhaust yourself by the end of the day. Pace yourself so you can complete your busy schedule successfully.

You may also find yourself examining the inner you, your life, your thoughts, your motives and embark on a deeper exploration through personal development books, courses techniques or even therapy.

Temperance carries with it a very strong spiritual message also. In achieving the equilibrium your heart and soul really seeks, you can feel a closer connection to the divine, experience stronger intuition and receive clear messages from higher sources.

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law


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