What Does the Temperance Card Mean?

balance ~ synthesis ~ moderation

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Tarot Card Meanings for the Temperance Card

Keywords for Temperance
Harmony, balance, synthesis, moderation, blending, synergy, alchemy, being temperate, blending opposites, angel communication, connecting with your guides, merging, looking for divine intervention; beginning self-help/therapy, self-acceptance.
Temperance Reversed
Imbalance, the onset of illness, tempers flaring, lack of patience between people, angry outbursts, feeling that god/the angels/your spirit guides have forsaken you, always giving & not receiving.
Temperance as People
Mediators, therapists, counselors, negotiators, mediums, healers, alternative therapists, mentors, youth workers, social workers, spiritual leaders, chefs, cooks, alchemists.
Hebrew Letterס Samech
Nov 21 – Dec 20
Related toThe Hierophant 14/1+4=5
Count12 – zodiac trump

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