What Does the Tower Card Mean?

sudden change ~ destruction ~ upheaval

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Tarot Card Meanings for the Tower Card

Sudden & unexpected change, upheaval, destruction, ruin, catastrophe, release, revelation, breaking down of old forms, renovation, an accident or damage to the home, bankruptcy, redundancy or loss of work, being overthrown or ousted, house repossession.
Prolonged & continued upheaval, disruption, obstacles, difficulties, losses but milder, a disruptive person, a volatile situation, fearing the worst, illness, the calm after the storm, blockages now removed, difficulties resolved but still feeling the effects.
As People
Demolition workers, explosives experts, house renovators, house clearers, emergency services, disaster relief/workers, hurricane hunters, miners, quarry workers.
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The Tower Card Correspondences

Hebrew Letter – Pe
Timing: abruptly
Related toThe Chariot 16/1+6=7
Count9 – planetary trump

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