The Tower

sudden change ~ destruction ~ upheaval

shadowscapes tarot the tower card

Tarot Card Meanings for the Tower Card

Key: 16

Element: Fire

Astrology: Mars

Numerologically related to: 7, the Chariot

Card Counting Value: 9 – planetary trump

Yes/No Question: No

Keywords: Sudden & unexpected change, upheaval, destruction, ruin, catastrophe, release, revelation, breaking down of old forms, renovation, an accident or damage to the home, bankruptcy, redundancy or loss of work, being overthrown or ousted, house repossession.

Reversed: prolonged & continued upheaval, disruption, obstacles, difficulties, losses but milder, a disruptive person, a volatile situation, fearing the worst, illness, the calm after the storm.

As People: Demolition workers, explosives experts, house renovators, house clearers, emergency services, disaster relief/workers, hurricane hunters, miners, quarry workers.

The Tower as a Daily Tarot Card

It is perhaps, one of the most dreaded cards in the Tarot, worse than the Death card, worse than the miserable 10 of Swords

The Tower’s reputation precedes it.

And for good reason.

If you’ve been kicked by the Tower, you’ll understand those words precisely. Those that haven’t, talk of it’s wonderful, liberating and spiritual greatness without knowing what it really means.

A kicking is a kicking, there’s nothing wonderful about a kicking – until it’s over and the dust settles and you begin to wander your way out of the carnage.

I know, dramatic as ever, but I’ve lived through the Tower and it kicked my ass good and plenty and it hurt each and every time.

Yet here I am to tell the tale. I survived and that is wonderful. I have new perspectives on things and that is wonderful too. But it wasn’t wonderful at the time.

Things may fall apart around you, people may kick you when you’re down, but you’ll get up because you’re a survivor. The Tower kicks you, it doesn’t kill you – just don’t underestimate its power or efficiency.

You will be liberated, you will experience spiritual greatness but not before it tears you down to nothing – only when you lose everything can you be truly free.

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I coined the above phrase myself, after I lost everything. It makes you resilient and less tense because what was screwing your head before, loses its power as you begin to see what’s really important in your life and surprise, surprise, it’s not what you thought it was.

How brilliant does the Tower sound now? On the other side of the experience, it is wonderful.

Just wear your crash helmet for the ride.

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