What Does the Magician Card Mean?

Gather your thoughts, lay out your plans & bring your energy into alignment for you are about to become a manifesting master. The Magician is focused & so should you be.

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Tarot Card Meanings for the Magician

Keywords for the Magician
Creativity, action, power, manifestation, skill, communication – oral, written & electronic, technology, magic, work, self-employment, a smooth talker, having the gift of the gab, will-power, directing your will, creative visualization, manifesting your desires.
The Magician Reversed
Deceit, con artist, liar, communication blocks, abuse of power, creative stagnation, ill intentions, manipulation, fake skill-set, a charlatan, ill intentions, being out of your depth.
The Magician as People
Magicians, jugglers, card sharks, illusionists, electricians, inventors, communications experts/workers, scientists, the self-employed; the technically minded.

Correspondences for the Magician

Moves Quickly
Hebrew Letterב – Bet
Related toWheel of Fortune 10/1+0=1
The Sun 19/1+9=10

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