What Does the Magician Card Mean?

Gather your thoughts, lay out your plans & bring your energy into alignment for you are about to become a manifesting master. The Magician is focused & so should you be.

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Tarot Card Meanings for the Magician

Keywords for the Magician
Creativity, action, power, manifestation, skill, communication – oral, written & electronic, technology, magic, work, self-employment, a smooth talker, having the gift of the gab, will-power, directing your will, creative visualization, manifesting your desires.
The Magician Reversed
Deceit, con artist, liar, communication blocks, abuse of power, creative stagnation, ill intentions, manipulation, fake skill-set, a charlatan, ill intentions, being out of your depth.
The Magician as People
Magicians, jugglers, card sharks, illusionists, electricians, inventors, communications experts/workers, scientists, the self-employed; the technically minded.

Correspondences for the Magician

Moves Quickly
Hebrew Letterב – Bet
Related toWheel of Fortune 10/1+0=1
The Sun 19/1+9=10


The Magician as a Daily Tarot Oracle Card

Oracle Message: What you think you can make real


It’s a powerful day when you see the Magician. It suggests the powers you have to influence people and events is stronger and more effective. This requires you to take responsibility for whatever situations you create and actions you impart. There is an element of cause and effect today, so be aware of what you are doing because there are consequences to everything we do whether we see it initially or not.

That said, enjoy your heightened powers and make the best of what is before you. Any arena of influence is heightened today meaning sales are great, contracts are signed & those who were holding back will now listen to you. You appear to have the Midas Touch & everything can go well today.

Remember: thoughts become things & with your heightened awareness today, you can literally think your reality into being. Be mindful, all day.

Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law


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