What Does the Lovers Card Mean?

Choices & choosing – love, relationships & commitments. The Lovers suggests a serious point in your life where the decision you make will impact you for a long, long time. Choose well.

Lo Scarabeo Tarot

Tarot Card Meanings for the Lovers

Love, choices, partnerships, affection, being at a crossroads, togetherness, going into business with another, being duty bound, a love affair, falling in love, commitment, an engagement, choosing between two lovers, harmony, trust, marriage, contracts, union.
A broken love affair or relationship, fear of commitment, infidelity, relationship issues, a business deal gone awry, a business failing & falling apart, parting or leaving another.
As People
Wedding officials, wedding planners, relationship counselors, partners, lovers, husband & wife teams – hospitality, performers, etc., contract writers, business negotiators.

Correspondences for the Lovers

Hebrew Letterז – Zayin
May 21 – Jun 20
Related toThe Devil #15 / 1+5=6
Count12 – zodiac trump

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