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Tarot Card Meanings for the Lovers Card


Gemini / May 21 – Jun 20

Numerologically related to
15, the Devil*
Card Counting Value
12 – Zodiacal Trump
Yes/No Question
Love, choices, partnerships, affection, being at a crossroads, togetherness, going into business with another, being duty bound, a love affair, falling in love, commitment, an engagement, choosing between two lovers, harmony, trust, marriage, contracts, union.
A broken love affair or relationship, fear of commitment, infidelity, relationship issues, a business deal gone awry, a business failing & falling apart, parting or leaving another.
As People
Wedding officials, wedding planners, relationship counselors, partners, lovers, husband & wife teams – hospitality, performers, etc., contract writers, business negotiators.


Often signifying a choice, a partnership, a union. The Lovers seems a clear cut case for obvious divinatory definitions, but there’s more to this card than first meets the eye… For one it’s highly spiritual in nature, something not not necessarily thought of at first. Early decks also depict a man making a choice between two women, one of them usually an experienced woman, often his mother, and the other a chaste young woman, and so the Lovers can be seen as a coming of age card in maturity and responsibility. What are your experiences of the Lovers? Has this been a card of spirituality in your readings or has it depicted choices and partnerships?

Tarot Tidbit

The Lovers was originally about the duty of marriage, hence the blindfolding of Cupid in the Visconti-Sforza deck to signify there was no love involved in the union.

* See this interesting guest article by Barbara Moore that compares the Lovers and the Devil in greater detail.

The Lovers as a Daily Tarot Card

Today is all about love – giving, sharing, receiving and feeling.

It’s about doing something nice for someone else, about making them feel good about themselves which in turn fills your heart with joy.

It’s about preparing a surprise dinner for your lover, buying them flowers and chocolates or just doing the dishes without them asking…

It’s about saying I love you.

Blessings are all around today, not just with your love life, but also with your spiritual life too. Union with the divine is as relevant and available as that with your lover. Open your heart to love, to divine blessings and the bliss that comes with them.

Make love…

…spend time in sweet union with the one you love.

(and in the words of singer songwriter, Stephen Stills – if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.)

Today is all about the love.

What special thing will you do to celebrate love today?

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