What Does the Chariot Card Mean?

drive ~ willpower ~ confidence

Lo Scarabeo Tarot

Tarot Card Meanings for the Chariot

Drive, will power, direction, ambition, confidence, victory, success, a journey, transportation, success with little or no support, overcoming obstacles, triumph in the face of adversity, coming to the aid of another, mastering a skill, driving force, impetus, energy.
Scattered energy, lack of direction, taking the long way round, loss of will, drive & ambition, a cancelled journey or trip, a vehicle breaking down, needing the help of another.
As People:
Horse riders/racers, equestrians, drivers, pilots, motor racers, bike racers, mechanics, car body technicians/artists, custom car technicians, vehicle designers, engineers.

Correspondences for the Chariot

Hebrew Letterח – Chet
June 21 – Jul 20
Related toThe Tower #16 / 1+6=7
Count12 – zodiac trump

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