What Does the Emperor Card Mean?

authority ~ structure ~ responsibility

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Tarot Card Meanings for the Emperor

Keywords for the Emperor
Authority, order, structure, authority, your boss, leadership, your father, the establishment, promotion to a senior role, asserting yourself, ambition, law and order, taking a stand, firmness with others & yourself, rational thought, responsibility, stability, fairness.
The Emperor Reversed
An autocrat, control freak, a weak man, a cruel man, an underachiever, support withdrawn, laziness, abuse of power, lack of discipline, lawlessness, immaturity, no promotion.
The Emperor as People
Fathers, senior politicians, businessmen, senior partners, heads of family, heads of state, hoteliers, big business, CEO’s, financial controllers, department heads, the boss.

Correspondences for the Emperor

Mar 21 – Apr 19
related to 13, Death
Count12 – Zodiacal Trump

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