The Emperor

The EmperorKey: 4

Element: Fire

Astrology: Aries

Numerologically related to: 13, Death

Keywords: Authority, order, structure, authority, your boss, leadership, your father, the establishment, promotion to a senior role, asserting yourself, ambition, law and order, taking a stand, firmness with others & yourself.

Reversed: an autocrat, control freak, a weak man, a cruel man, an underachiever, support withdrawn, laziness, abuse of power, lack of discipline, lawlessness.

The Emperor as a Daily Tarot Card

Today you could be Freddie Mercury on stage in front of 80,000 people.

As the Emperor, you are commanding, hypnotic and in control. You move with authority, confidence and an unquestioning belief in yourself and what you’re doing.

What you’re not, is domineering or cruel – there is no bad side to the energy of the Emperor today, only his good traits will come through.

His connection to the earth in the Shadowscapes Tarot shows how grounded he is and in touch with those more delicate around him.

On a practical level, you may have meetings with senior males, or those in higher authority than you. In the presence of such people, you must also tap into your own inner Emperor. Don’t be intimidated, they are only people after all.

And you, today, are Freddie Mercury.

Have a wonderful day.


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