The High Priestess

High Priestess

Numerologically related to
11 and 20, Justice and Judgement
Card Counting Value
9 – Planetary Trump
Yes/No Question
Mystery, intuition, inner-knowing, self-trust, spiritual insight, emotional stability, divination, esoteric wisdom/knowledge, things yet to be revealed, your higher-self, spirit guides, discovering your own truth, a single woman; a chaste woman; morality, sanctity.
Information withheld, secrets, misusing spiritual gifts, not trusting your intuition, being lied to, not listening, immorality; misusing your spiritual gifts, blocked intuition.
As People
Psychics, mystics, healers, teachers, mentors, nuns, therapists, spiritual coaches, psychologists, researchers, genealogists, librarians, spa owner/staff, mediators, educators.

The High Priestess as a Daily Tarot Card

Who do you trust most in this world? Is it your partner? Your father? Your sibling? Your doctor?

It ought to be yourself.

If you cannot trust yourself, how can you possibly hope to grow?

This may sound easy for me to say to you, but think about it for a moment. Everything you have accepted that you’re not good at is based on your lack of self-trust. Every time you say to yourself, “oh I’m no good at that”, or, “things just never work out for me”, you are disarming your potential to be good at it because you’re not trusting yourself to ever be good at it.

You’re robbing yourself of the opportunity to improve, to grow and to change. And that’s a shame. Your intuitive gifts are your radars through life and they’re no good if they’re blocked or switched off.

What can you do to change that situation? Can you learn to undo years of dis-belief? Maybe not overnight, but you can begin to believe and then trust that there’s another part of you that you’ve silenced who can help you. She is your Higher Self and your inner Priestess.

When you welcome her back from behind the Veil, she can begin to reveal your inner strengths to you. By beginning to trust in her, and ultimately yourself, you re-open the channel to the Divine Source. And when that happens, magick happens. Subtle at first, but then stronger and more vivid until you catch yourself one day – you’re not doubting yourself anymore, you’re trusting yourself and you feel great.

This can begin for you right now. All you need is one tarot card, the Priestess. Meditate on this card, gaze upon it and ask her to help you begin the process.

Opening to trust can change your life. Let your inner Priestess help you.

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